This site is offered to the honor and glory of God and to the Virgin Mary, the holy Mother of Jesus and Queen of Peace

. One does not have to be Catholic to visit this web site and this is not an attempt to convert any one to Catholicism. That is for the individuals to determine for themselves. It is our task to simply provide information relating to the appearance of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje.

The Blessed Virgin has been appearing to six visionaries in Medjugorje, Bosnia (formerly Yugoslavia), since June of 1981 and she still appears to give them, and the world, messages of peace, love, and hope. With all the unrest, hate and terrorism affecting so many, Her messages are urgent and She asks the whole world to reconcile with God now and bring peace to a dangerously troubled world.

Being two former educators, our curiosity was aroused when we heard of Maryís appearances and the messages she gave. We traveled, as pilgrims, to Medjugorje to see for ourselves.

Covered by Mary's mantle

What we found was a small village among hills in which the total population had been dedicated to the Mother of God. Millions of visitors have come to this special area of the world to experience the miraculous feeling of peace and good will through honoring Jesus and his Mother.

During our visit we climbed Apparition Hill three times. During our second climb my wife sat on a rock to rest near the cross that was placed at the site of Maryís second appearance to the six children. At that point she was covered with a shimmering light, like Maryís mantle, and she was filled with an inner peace that she had never experienced before. It miraculously altered her attitude toward life.

We also climbed Mount Krizevac to pray at the 30 foot, 14 ton, cross, a site of miracles. The cross was built by the local residents to commemorate the 1900th anniversary of the passion of Christ. It is constructed of concrete and all the materials were carried to the summit mostly by the women and children while the men completed the structure. There are no roads or paths up the mountain. One must make their way up over rocks and boulders.

This cross is sometimes illuminated at night and can be seen for miles- although there is no electricity or lights on the mountain top. There have also been times, when on a clear and cloudless day, the cross has disappeared from the mountain top! There is no explanation for these phenomena.

Cross atop Mt. Krizevak
"I have chosen this parish in a special way"

Medjugorje is a powerhouse of hope and renewal at a time of great need. When asked why she chose Medjugorje in which to appear, the Virgin Mary stated "I have chosen this parish in a special way. I want to protect you and guide you in love, and therefore I ask for a total conversion of the parish so that the pilgrims can find a fountain of conversion here."

Millions of people of all faiths have visited Medjugorje to obtain a renewal of faith and perhaps receive a miracle. The real miracle of Medjugorje is the conversion of the people who live there and of those who hear the messages and renew their faith, convert, or reconcile their lives.

It is a rediscovery of faith as it was truly meant to be. It is a simple reunification with God.

The Blessed Virgin Mary

In one of the many messages She gave Mary said "Please pray to Jesus. I am his Mother and I will intercede for you with him." Asking Mary to intercede for you is a way to be certain that Jesus hears your prayer. After all, who would not listen to his mother?

In addition to the messages, Mary has given each of the visionaries ten secrets about future events. These secrets have not been shared among the visionaries and each does not know if they all have the same secrets, or if there are a total of sixty. These secrets will be revealed after Mary gives a "great sign" that all the world will see. It is said that these future events can be altered through prayer and fasting.

We intend to travel to Medjugorje again, as pilgrims, to give thanks for the personal miracles we received.

In the words of the Blessed Virgin, Mary, "Go in Godís peace!"